Measures to confirm the Effect of Sludge Dehydration

Measures to confirm the Effect of Sludge Dehydration

1. In order to ensure not only the dehydration effect of sludge, but also to control the ratio of sludge to dry sludge within a reasonable range, we should master the amount of sludge discharged from the concentration tank and a sedimentation tank and the time of sludge removal. The careful operation should make the amount of residual sludge as much as possible. Within half of the amount of initial sludge, To blend evenly.

2. In general, the speed of the filter cloth should be controlled at 1.5-3 .0 m/min; The strain of the filter cloth is between 0.1 and 0.4 Mpa. When adjusting the tension, the regulator must be slowly rotated. The tension of the filter cloth must be less than the tension of the filter cloth. The difference is controlled in the range of 0.05 ~ 0.1 Mpa for flushing water pressure control in the range of 0.45 ~ 0.6 Mpa; the pressure driving the cylinder in the range of 0.5-0 .7 Mpa; When selecting the filter cloth, Note that the texture shape of the filter cloth, the adhesive of the interface should be thin, and the adhesive of the edge should be tough and not easily cracked.

3. In order to ensure the flushing of water quality and prevent the suspension and algae from blocking the flushing of the nozzle and filter cloth, it is necessary to strengthen the depth treatment of the secondary discharge water, remove the suspension and algae, and add a reverse washing filter to the pipeline to further remove the suspension and algae. And replace the backwash filter regularly.

4. In order to ensure the dehydration effect of sludge during seasonal changes, measures have been taken to slow down the filtration speed, reduce the strain of the filtration cloth, increase the dewatering dose, reduce the amount of mud entering, etc., although it does not achieve a better dehydration effect(high water content of the mud cake). However, it can ensure timely dehydration of sludge.

5. The operators ‘careful operation, daily inspection and maintenance are the basis and guarantee for the normal operation of sludge dehydration.