Anthonor® produce perfect quality PTFE Staple Fiber with white color and brown color. Due to the use of 100% PTFE raw material, the felt made of our PTFE Staple Fiber has exellent chemical proerties and high operating temperature. The non-stick property of PTFE also greatly improves the ash removal ability of the felt, and can make PTFE felt with longer service life and better filtration efficiency in the harsh industry.

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Our PTFE White Staple Fiber has serrated irregular cross section and uniform fiber fineness, which can effectively improve the dust capture ability of filter felt. It have excellent crimp shape and degree overcome the shortcomings of poor cohesion of PTFE fibers and make the fibers easier to carding.In response to the increasingly stringent global emission standards, we developed PTFE micro fibers, which has greatly improved the ability to capture PM2.5 dust, so that the felt can achieve ultra-clean emissions without lamination.

Our PTFE Brown Staple Fiber contains a very small amount of carbon because of special production process, which makes the fiber dark brown. It is the small amount of carbon that reduces the static of PTFE fibers without damaging its chemical properties. Such an improvement has mitigated the weakness of PTFE fiber’s tendency to pill during carding process. The fineness of PTFE Brown Staple Fiber is more unifom than that of white fiber, which improves the filrtion effectiveness of fine dust. The circular cross section of PTFE Brown Staple Fiber also makes the friction coefficient of the fiber surface lower.

Details Specification of our PTFE Staple Fiber

ProductModelTiter RangeCrimpTensile StrengthHeat ShrinkageFiber Length
PTFE Staple FiberAH-PSF-S11-3den8 /25mm≥2.0≤7% @ 260℃ 30min


30mm \ 36mm \42mm \ 48mm


PTFE Staple FiberAH-PSF-S22–8den8 /25mm≥2.0≤7% @ 260℃ 30min


48mm \ 60mm \ 72mm


PTFE Staple FiberAH-PSF-S36–12den8 /25mm≥2.0≤7% @ 260℃ 30min


48mm \ 60mm \ 72mm
S1 stand for Superfine fiber;  S2 stand for Normal fiber;  S3 stand for Thick fiber