Anthonor® is specilized in manufacturing full range kinds of nonwoven needle felt with good quality and competitive price.

Optional material: PE (Polyester), PP (Polypropylene), PA (Nylon), Aramid(Nomex), Acrylic, Fiberglass, PPS, PTFE, P84 and etc.

Standard width: 2.2m

Standard length: 50m/roll or 100m/roll

Finish treatment: Heat setting; One side singed; Water&Oil repellent; PTFE dipping; PTFE membrane.
Anthonor® continually raises the bar in nonwoven needle felt technology development. We try to combined two kinds or more kinds of fiber together to producing composite needle felt, which will improve the performance of our nonwoven needle felt, and according to our testing result, this composite needle felt have better chemical properties than single fiber type nonwoven needle felt. We also can OEM and ODM according to customer’s different demand.

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Applications of the nonwoven needle felt(Material for filter bag)

Asphalt – Durable construction required for abrasive, high temp environments. Hotmix or batch plants, whether natural gas, waste oil, fuel oil, etc.

Cement – Filters for all areas of plant: kilns bag houses, silo bin vents, nuisance dust collection, etc. Our filters exceed all EPA emissions standards (NESHAP, CMAT, MACT for portland cement, PM2.5, etc.).

Chemical – Filter fabrics for acidic or alkali compounds, corrosive or abrasive elements, etc. (lime, calc, fertilizer, plastics, etc.) – Special treatments and fabrics available. We can advise on the best combination for performance and cost.

Food Processing – FDA approved food-grade fabrics construction available for dust collectors used in food production, transportation and packaging such as dust collectors on milling equipment, blenders, mixers, granulators, grain elevators, storage silos and more.

Foundry and Metal Products – Filters for units used on arc/induction furnaces, casting operations, and precious metal reclamation. Fabrics and coatings for use in high temperature environments with need for high efficiency fume and smoke collection.

Power Generation and Industrial Boilers – Our filters exceed new EPA emissions regulations for boilers and power generation (Mercury and Air Toxics, Boiler MACT, NESHAPs, etc.). We have much experience working with biomass and coal power production facilities to overcome technical challenges to meet new EPA regulations. Filter fabrics and treatments include PPS, P84, PTFE/Teflon (fabric), fiberglass, and ePTFE membrane.

Wood, Sand and Minerals – Often requires filters with flame resistant coatings, or constructed from nonflammable materials.

Performance of different nonwoven needle felt:

Item No.Fiber TypesContinue TemperatueInstant TemperatureHydrolysis ResistanceOxidation ResistanceAcid ResistanceAlkali Resistance