Anthonor® is specilized in manufacturing full range kinds of Micron filter bag.
Specialized in manufacturing Nonwoven needle filter bag and Woven filter cloth bag
Capacity: 4,000 pcs per day (standard product)
Common needle felt: PE (Polyester), PP (Polypropylene), PA (Nylon); Nomex, PTFE and etc.
Optional size: 4 standard models; accept customization.
Optional process: Sewing or Hot sealing
Filtration accuracy:1μm-500μm
Customization accepted.

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Optional standard micron:

GradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Optional Felt Bag Seam Styles:

Sewing Details:
1. Industry standard make
2. 5 line system when sewing
3. Strong construction for that heavy dirt holding capacity


1. No needle holes
2. No thread contamination
3. Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges
4. Maintain same efficiency as filter media

Optional Rings

Steel Ring

Galvanized steel (stainless steel option)
Sewn into the top of the bag
Cotton handle is standard with steel ring configuration
Designed to gasket as well as support and secure filter bag when placed into housing

Plastic Ring

Molded plastic with built-in handle makes installation and disposal faster, cleaner and less expensive
Just drop into housing and push down
Smooth plastic designs prevent build-up of contaminants around header
Collar is sewn or welded into place to ensure that plastic media remain firmly intact

Draw String

Adjustable top diameter to make easy tie on to piping
Great for gravity feed applications
Easy disposal
Economical filter applications


4 types standard liquid filter bag: (accept customization)

ModelFilter area
(m²/ pcs)
Volume (L)DiameterLength
Type 10.197.917.8740.6516
Type 20.4117.317.8781.332
Type 30.051.410.2420.98.25
Type 40.092.510.2435.514

Chemical properties Comparison:

FabricAbrasion resistanceAnti weak acidAnti strong acidAnti weak alkaliAnti strong alkaliTemperature (℃)
PE (polyester)Very goodVery goodGoodGoodPoor130-150
PP (polypropylene)Very goodExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent90-110
PA (nylon)ExcellentNormalPoorExcellentExcellent135-149

Please inform us the detail of the environment

Different environments decide different filter bags. In order to ensure that the accident will not happen to choose the most suitable filter bag for the environment is particularly important. Temperature, humidity, PH, gas composition and so forth, the more detail the better. Our client manager prepared a questionnaire, just fill it then we can give you the suitable products.

Ensure standardized installation

Meanwhile, the installation process is also particularly important, non-standard installation is a major cause of accidents. Be sure to check the situation after the filter bags installed.